making things

I am so excited to share some amazing news with you that can really change your knitting experience to make it even more incredible! I'm going to have to gush for a few minutes because this new thing is worth it. 

The Making Things experience is a brand new approach to knitting from patterns.  It was love at first sight for me once I heard how user friendly and accommodating it is for customers!  This web app is subscription-based and you get access to ALL of the content as a subscriber, which includes not only 1000+ patterns but also technique videos and tutorials. Once you choose a pattern to start knitting, the app allows you to highlight and make your own notes easily; it provides row counters and other tools as well. Pattern support is available LIVE while you are knitting.  Seriously mind-blowing.    

When I teach, I often come across knitters who have purchased a pattern that turns out to be frustrating for them because it wasn't properly edited or tested prior to publication. Well, Making Things is handling that, too.  The patterns featured are fully vetted before they are included in the app.  You are also able to preview a pattern before casting on and, since you're not purchasing patterns on an individual basis, you can change your mind if something just doesn't feel right. 

making things is supporting designers by compensating them through subscription-sharing as well as a portion of pattern access fees. So, if you decide to give the program a try and sign up through my link, i will eventually receive a portion of your subscription. then, as patterns are used by knitters, designers earn additional income when they are accessed! i really appreciate that this platform is offering a unique and creative way to offer knitting patterns to customers as well as to compensate designers.

I'm so honored to have been included amongst an incredibly talented group of launch designers for this new app. I am working on making all of my self-published designs available through making things and i have some plans in the works for an exclusive Making Things design but for now, you can enjoy a huge selection of my patterns along with so many others right away. so, have you tried making things? i would love to hear your feedback! You can always send me a note with any comments you may have. cheers & happy knitting!