Big Sister

Big Sister = comfy, wearable, stealable sweater, never safe from your little sister :) Knit in YOTH Big Sister in Mint

Shown in size S with 3" positive ease

Photography by Veronika, Modeled by Jasmine

In this latest version of Big Sister, I have added options for long sleeves. The original design featured 3/4 length sleeves worn slightly off the shoulder; now you can do whatever you like without having to do any math or extra thinking.

Big Sister Front
Big Sister Front

Other than the sleeve option, the design is substantively the same. I like to think it is a little prettier now though!

This sweater is knit from the top down and is seamless. It is suitable for adventurous beginners. This is a great first-sweater project. Skills required include provisional CO, picking up sts and basic increasing and decreasing. Even if you are trying these skills for the first time, I believe this is a great opportunity to give them a try!

You can find the updated version of Big Sister anywhere my designs are sold including my website and Ravelry.

Included that last image just in case you are into some Matchy Matchy...because the wee version of this design came out earlier this fall. Happy knitting!