reGramps Slouch

Last month I got to go to Rhinebeck, NY to the New York Sheep & Wool Festival for the first time ever.  I loved everything about it, the landscape, the foliage, the animals, the shopping but more than anything...the people. I got to stay in an incredible old mill house with some beautiful people, inside and out. One of them was willing to be my photographer and another agreed to model the updated version of Gramps Slouch.

This Gramps is modeled by Kate Burge which you will recognize from Spincycle Yarns. I knit the hat in YOTH Daughter and behind the camera was Veronika the multitalented. Daughter has frequented my needles a lot the past few months, I just can't help it. After finishing a new sweater design (forthcoming) with the Natural Oatmeal colorway, I had a skein left and it was too perfect not to use it for a hat makeover.

I changed just a few rounds of the crown shaping at the very top because I decided I wanted to retain the stockinette background instead of the original reverse stockinette. The gauge is tweaked to reflect the yarn change but other than that, the design is the same and now has been added to the KO pop-up shop.

We took these photos outside our house where I really hope I get to go again next year.  I treasure my time with these women so much. They are all so inspiring and I constantly wonder how I got lucky enough to be included amidst such a group.

If you purchased a previous version of Gramps Slouch you have access to this updated one too. If you're new to the design, you can find it in my online shop, or on Ravelry, or elsewhere my designs are sold.

And PS, I did finish my own Gramps for Rhinebeck.  And yes I wore it even though it was warm! #Rhinebecksweatersuccess